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Where Was the Tea Party Under Bush?

Lady Teabagger

What a grand illusion created by the "tea party" members. They seem to be willing to create economic chaos in order to inhibit government spending. Really?


Where were these folks when George W. Bush handed a multimillion-dollar national surplus over to the super-rich? Silent as tombstones.


Where were these folks when Bush gave the nation an unfunded multibillion-dollar prescription drug program? Silent as tombstones.


Where were these folks when Bush commenced a trillion-dollar unfunded war of choice? Silent as tombstones.


Now that the bill for all this unfunded spending has come due, tea party members one and all say: Forget the unemployed, the sick, the lame, the elderly, the vets--cut their programs or we will pull the plug on the entire economy.


This small, very loud and very well-financed minority wishes to destroy America as we know it--to satisfy a commitment to an extreme and failed ideology.


--Frank Ferrone, El Cajon CA

Letter to the Editor, Los Angeles Times

August 1, 2011
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