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American Exceptionalism:

Karl Rove
How Republicans Worked to Suppress Voters Nationwide
Most corrupt states
Where Your State Ranks in Corruption
Oily handof Congress
Meet the Most
Congress in History
Chief Justice Roberts
Supreme Court Closes Door to Justice
Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)
Senators Who Voted to Kill Medicare
Conservative class war
The Conservative Class War
Rush Limbaugh
America Hardens its Heart
Radiation symbol
Damn Right,
It Could
Happen Here
Styrofoam cup
Just as Reagan Removed the White House Solar Panels...
Michelle Obama
The First Lady's Anti-Obesity Campaign:
The Right's Campaign to Steal the Constitution
GOP Freshman Class 2010
Extreme Politics:
Meet the GOP
Freshman Class
God Forbid We Turn Out Like Europe!

Best Gov't Money Can Buy:

Richard Shelby
Earmarks Fund Projects Near 33 Lawmakers' Properties
Lily Tomlin as Geraldine
California Government,
Brought to You
Tom Coburn
Congress Trades Stocks, Makes Laws on Same Companies
Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA)
Why the Senate
Voted to Keep
Oil Subsidies
Mitt Romney
How Bain's
Lobbying Saved
Romney Millions
Who's Ghost-Writing Our Laws: ALEC Exposed
Hillary Clinton
State Department Helps Tar Sands
Pipeline Lobbyist
Warren Buffett
Elizabeth Warren
GOP vs. Consumer Financial Protection
Rep. Jo Ann Emerson (R-MO)
GOP vs. Consumer Product Safety
Polar bear
Koch Study Backfires:
We Really Are Warming
Charles & David KochCharles & David Koch
Koch Brothers Now at The Heart of GOP Power
Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI)
Hear Koch Brother Imposter's Chat with Wisconsin Governor
Gov't Contractors Harrass Chamber Critics
Did Allergan Buy FDA Lap-Band Approval?
GOP Targets
GOP Defunds Curb on
Oil Speculation as Oil Prices Soar
Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX)
Republican Blocks
Gun Safety Hearings--'Now's Not the Time'
510 Lobbyist Meetings With Regulators to Weaken Finance Reform
Koch brothers The Billionaire Tea Baggers' War on Obama, You and Me

Culture Corruption:

Ugly American
Must We Shit on Old Glory?

Photo: Carolyn Cole, © Los Angeles Times

Foreign Policy:

Afghan girl
Afghan Local Police "Worse than Taliban"
The Constitution
Libya: Unauthorized
Marine saluting flag
Libya: Let's Call a War a War, Mr. President
Lotsa cash
Where's the $6.6 Billion? Iraq Cash Probably Stolen
Prime Minister Maliki
Democracy, Iraqi
Jane Bright
Jane Bright, who Lost Her Son in Iraq, Won't Read Bush's Book
A.Q. Khan

How CIA & Our Allies Thwarted Khan Nuke Prosecutions

Your tax dollars at work
A U.S. 'Legacy of Waste' in Iraq: Your Tax Dollars at Work
"Marlboro Man" soldier
"U.S. Combat Role Over in Iraq": Mission Accomplished?

Photo: Luis Sinco, © Los Angeles Times

Government Waste:

Tax-funded zombie player
Zombies and More:
Homeland Security's
Grants Misused
Eric Cantor
How to Increase Waste: Cut Funding at GAO
Government Loses Billions to E-Claim Fraud

Gulf Oil Disaster:

Under Bush and Obama, Oil Drilling Allowed Without Needed Permits


Greg Gutfeld
Fox's Gutfeld: Global Warming is Good for Humans
Polar bear
Confronting the Climate Cranks with Cameras Rolling
Glenn Beck
Beck Fans Threaten 78-Year-Old Professor
The scandal that never was
5 Investigations Clear "Climategate" Scientists But Damage is Done
Lou Dobbs

Are You Watching Fake News?

Remember the Liberal Media Establishment?


Judges Slam VA's Mental Health Care
Afghan girl
What Obama Won't Tell You About Afghanistan
Camp Lejeune Poison Water Scandal
Marines Left Behind in Poison Water Cover-Up at Camp Lejeune
Support the troops--Bring them home
Record High Military Suicides Blamed on Multiple Wars
If the Enemy Doesn't Get You, the Burn Pits Will

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More to the Story?

Rocket launch
Two Climate Change Satellites Lost in Identical Accidents

Most Corrupt Agencies:

Alzheimer's Drug Approval Draws Sharp Criticism
ATF's Fast & Furious
ATF's "Fast & Furious" Gun Dealer Had Doubts
Meredith Attwell Baker
FCC, Brought to You By Comcast
Yes We Did!
HHS Blocks Disability Fraud Inquiry
Jack o' lantern
Glitches Mar California Radiation Warning System
Federal Election Commission
FEC Deadlock Compounds Citizens United Damage
U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement
ICE Attorney Sentenced to 17 Years
ACLU Monitor Tells
How L.A. Deputies Beat Unconscious Inmate
How U.S. Forest Service Bungled L.A.'s Station Fire, Then Covered It Up
Filthy Conditions Found at Two Iowa Egg Farms, Where Regulation is Lax
U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security
Minerals Management Service
How MMS' Partnership With Industry Led to Failure
NHTSA Believed Toyota and Not the Drivers

Most Corrupt Cities:

Most corrupt metro areas
Former Bell, CA City Administrator Robert Rizzo is being held on $2-million bond
Bell, CA, Where Leaders Go to Jail

Most Corrupt Companies:

Cat who ate the canary
Bain Capital Backed Outsourcing Pioneers
"Find Your Friends? You Bet We Do"
Exxon-Mobil logo
Gouge, Baby,
Gouge: How
Big Oil Does It
Chevron logo
You Lie!
Campbell's Soup
Mmm mmm bad!
"Less Sodium"
Soups Aren't
Bowflex scam
That Body from This Machine?
Bowflex Scam
Toyota's New Spin Doctor
The Document Toyota Didn't Want You to See

Most Corrupt Cops:

L.A. Jail Beatings
Most Corrupt Cops: FBI Probes L.A. Jail Beatings
Officer Ramos
Fullerton Cop Charged with 2nd Degree Murder in Beating of Homeless Man
Ex-Sheriff Carona
"America's Sheriff"
Skips Disneyland,
Goes to Prison

Most Corrupt Governors:

Haley Barbour
8 Murderers Pardoned by Barbour Killed Wives & Girlfriends
Ex-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-CA)
On Way Out, Arnold Cut Prison Time for Stabber
Gov. Rick Scott (R-FL)
Florida's Rick Scott
& Medicare Fraud

Reality Check:

Angry lady
Key Healthcare Law Foe Bankrupt--with Medical Bills
John Boehner
GOP Backed Birth Control Mandates Until Now
Hint: Not the kids
Who'll Benefit Most from "Digital Classrooms?"
What is in that tea?
GOP Voters Take
Federal Help While
Calling for Cuts
Mitt Romney
Romney Tax Plan Would Help Wealthy, Hurt Middle Class
Marco Rubio
Documents Show Rubio's Parents Didn't Flee Castro
President's Council on Jobs
President's Council on Jobs Filled with Job-Cutting CEOs
Herman Cain
Fact-Checking the Republican Debate
Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it
Deficit Obsession Disorder: Repeating 1937's Big Mistake
Sick Uncle Sam
Debt Deal's a Killer for Economy
Crashing the Tea Party, Exploding the Myths
Sick Chinese baby
Think Less Regulation is the Answer?
Try China
John Boehner
If Tax Cuts Create Jobs, Where Are They?
Pres. Obama
Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-AZ)
How To Cut the
Deficit Without
Hurting People
Riverside Co. CA Sheriff
Koch Guards' Jobs
Saved by Stimulus Kochs Tried to Kill
Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI)
Tea Party Candidates Take Office, Hire Lobbyists
The difference between recession and depression
We Hate Them, but What if TARP and the Stimulus Never Happened?
Tax cuts are not the answer
So How Did Bush Tax Cuts Work Out for the Economy?

Unsung Heroes:

Roger Boisjoly, R.I.P.
Roger Boisjoly, Engineer
Who Tried to Halt
Challenger Launch
Dennis R. Ferguson
Dirty Water
Gas flares cause cancer
Woman Fights Big Oil Over Delaying California's Global Warming Law

Wall Street:

Banks Recycle an Old Way to Rip Off The Public
Starving child
How Wall Street Starved Millions and Got Away With It


Recommended Reading
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