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Most Corrupt Bush Appointees: Kenneth Tomlinson


November 16, 2005, LOS ANGELES TIMES, by Matea Gold -- Kenneth Y. Tomlinson, former chairman of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, broke federal law and repeatedly violated the organization's rules and code of ethics in his efforts to promote conservatives in the system, an endeavor that included consultation with White House officials including Deputy White House Chief of Staff Karl Rove, according to the findings of an internal investigation made public in November, 2005.

The 67-page report--the culmination of a six-month investigation by Kenneth A. Konz, the corporation's inspector general--portrays former Chairman Tomlinson as a rogue appointee who often exceeded his authority in his determination to address what he viewed as a liberal tilt in public broadcasting.

White House officials refused to be interviewed by the inspector general, saying he lacked jurisdiction to pose questions to officials outside federal agencies.

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